Hi, this is just a question out of curiosity. I recently released a press release, and Google
just picked it up within the first 9 hours. I hear a lot of people talking about how "hard" it
is, but really it's simple. I am thinking about coming out with a "little" report about it, but
wasn't sure if I should.

I just wanted to collect your thoughts on this.

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Well first of all congrats on it.. Well it happens sometimes but usually google take about 24 hours to identify any new content... Just do not forget to ping any update you make on web!

Actually, Google News picks our articles up within 5 minutes, typically. They are much more timely about Google News than the regular Google index.

Picking up an article here or there is very different from getting featured on the Google News homepage, or getting a significant amount of traffic from Google News.

For example, it's easy to get indexed by Google. Just create a site and have at least one link pointing to it. It's hard to get a lot of traffic from Google.

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