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Emphasizing the anchor text [by making it bold, in italics or underlining] of your signature link may help for it to get noticed and/or be clicked.

But I think other forum members will click a signature link if;

- the forum member posts helpful and sensible messages
- the signature link is addresses their concern at that moment

regardless of the style you've used.

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Signature keyword bold,italic or colored doesn't matter,one thing is matter backlinks.
Signature is reference of your websites.It provide direct backlink to your website.


I want to know that if I use signature keyword bold or italic or colored than what is its effect? Can it help in getting more back links?

color will not effect in back link if u write in simple words in do follow Forum u will get back links


Most forums and blog posts are hardcoded as nofollow, so don't expect any ranking improvement or links from your signatures. But as JackTB mentioned previously, if you deliver high quality content (i.e useful tips and info) then people will click on your signature just to see what is it that you're doing/advertizing.
Google made an algorithm change that now makes link sculpting impossible, as nofollow links wont give more joice to normal links. But this only happened a few months ago and as the SEO industry is prone to urban mythis (eg. keyword density importance in an era of LSI, or importance of keyword meta), it will be some time before webmasters realize that it makes no difference if the forum and blog posts are nofollow. So, it's best to focus on high quality content on your site, and in your comments. The point is to be valuable to the community, and people will start spreading the word for your expertise... and that's what you ought to be after, building a brand around your name.


Offer great content and people will come to your site.

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Right, I agree. Your forum signature will have no effect if your posts have no value or is just one of the many "thank you for the info blah blah" posts. Adding value to a thread is more important than just being an nonsense poster.

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