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I have been submitting my website and new pages as well as blogs to social bookmarking sites. However, I have only about 20 of them and keep submitting over and over.

It is good for new sites but old sites are not very effective.

What is the best effective ways about building links for websites?

Any advice is appreciated.


This all baffles me but here's my answer.

thinking ... well about links maybe ... no perhaps about ... no ... how 'bout

It is always good to know how to write. That may take time and experience. Once mastered though, the language itself becomes the link bait best clean bet let's say. Come up with important new content. Links from those kind of web pages generate the links all over again by themselves based on merit. Links generated in whatever fashion naturally, are usually the ones that are offering the Internet something uniquely purposeful. Go for good links. Work towards writing well in order to attain them. Those kind of links are good ones.

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