I have a web site I want to increase my Page Rank so what i want to do please advise me guys when google increase my page rank.....??

Actually many says that PR depends upon Quality Link and Quality Content. I agree to that but there are various hidden factors that considering Google while updating PR. (Just like in recent PR update in January 2011).

You can get a higher PR by the quality of backlinks, traffic and content of your site. Getting a higher PR is not that easy but there are ways to get it. Creating a unique and informative content will help to drive more traffic.

Do follow blogs and forum are the best way to get page rank to the website.

Quality content and high pr quality backlinks helps to increase pagerank of your site.

To increase PR of your site, Do article submission.

You can also get backlink having high PR.

There are different ways to increase page rank. I am uisng High PR Back link sites. I create back links on High PR sites

Quality Content + Quality Backlinks

High quality content and regularly giving new content to your site is the best way to get high page rank .

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Here is the catch. Do you want to rank well on the 1st page or do you want Page Rank? Page rank is not that important nowadays. Check out the results when you do a Google search. Often you will find a PR1 or PR2 outranking a PR3 or PR4 in the search results. Personally I want to capture the #1 position and I don't care about page rank.

keyword analysis and optimization. the more a search engine can connect your keyword to your site, the better your pr.

Please please don't get caught up in the whole Page Rank saga. At the end of the day it's a metric Google uses to asses the importance of yuour site. There are many examples of where lower Page Rank sites rank above higher PR sites. E.g. Google 'web design' and have a look at the PRs of the top 7 or so sites.

Nobody knows when Google decides to increase a pagerank. Personally, I don't care about pagerank as I would rather be #1 in the SERPS. And, you don't have to have the highest PR to do that!

I have a web site I want to increase my Page Rank so what i want to do please advise me guys when google increase my page rank.....??

If you want to increase Page RAnk of your website then do best for content and linking...and be sure that your site should be error free because it is also a main criteria to get good page rank and for new Page Rank update u will have to wait as google updated page rank in Jauary, 20th

All good advice and all linked together ...
Pr=links simle as that unless you deal in sex or gambeling etc.
In that case pr=links plus traffic

I'm still not sure why people are bothered about PR, as a high PR does not mean high ranking in the SRERPs. PR is a single metric Google uses.

i think it shows google rank of your website...
no matter how many times they say its not important its still a measure

Just do quality 3-way link building thematic to your site.

you can increase your PR by using best keywords for your site and get quality back links. put quality blog or content on your site so that traffic can be generated.

I beleive in quality content and frequent updation of the old ones with some new changes made can help you to get good rank.

A simple way of improving page rank is to submit your website to the relevant category of high ranking web directories. The more directories you submit your website to, the more back links you will obtain, thereby increasing your opportunity of ranking high in the eyes of Google. Today Social Networking sites and Social Bookmarking sites are playing a vital role in online affiliate Affiliate marketing.

Page rank on a search engine determines the popularity of a site. These are the ways to do so;

1) Making the content of your website more user-friendly and interactive-This rule implies using keywords on the site which are relevant to your niche, but also making the content readable.

2)Inside linking-The internal linking in a website makes its navigation, easier for the users. The webmasters should also take care of the site structure, using common positions for menu navigation buttons.

3) Site map-Including a site map implies that the users will have no problems browsing through the content of the site.

I have a web site I want to increase my Page Rank so what i want to do please advise me guys when google increase my page rank.....??

You can increase page rank through quality backlinks and unique content.

Hi..On-page and Off-page Techniques will help you to get huge traffic to your website. Google gives page rank based on traffic to your website. Still if you have any doubts please refer Directoryready

For increasing Page Rank, you should focus on the quality of linking rather than quantity. If your quality of linking is awesome then you will get a high Page Rank.

To increase PR of your website, do submissions on high PR sites and use fresh content.

Increase Page rank through backlinks:
Blog commenting
Directrory listing
Social media Profile
Guest blogging

What you only need high quality backlinks with good PR. There are different link building techniques you must follow.

Quality Content and Proper SEO helps you to gain the traffic as well as rank in search engines.

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