While searching a site by using a keyword in google, the results shown will it be differ from countries to countries...(ex.Likewise showing that page in 4 page in one country and in 7 page while the same keyword search happens in another country

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Will the traffic increase if we have different titles for all pages or better to have same titles for all pages

Google rank websites based on below factors.
1. Domain name (If the domain is country specific google give it priority, if you search in google.fr or google.co.uk the results will be different)
2. Domain hosted server (Physical location of the server where the website is hosted. (To rank well in google.fr host your website in France based server instead of US based)
3. Backlinks (If you want to rank on Google.fr build your backlinks in .fr or france related websites)

Each page on the website is unique, so certainly each pages title and other metatags should be unique for website health.

Nobody knows the exact criteria that Google uses. Their algorithm is becoming more complex. The results differ in various countries as a result of servers located near the source.

"sslguru" is quite correct.

Its very hard to predict google's behaviour.as the market is quite competetive and in order to help the users with thebest queried result Google's Algorithm will change and things are becoming more complicated for the SEO practitioners.

because it is based on it's data center

Yes the results will vary in different regions in Google...

Yes guys, its very top to decide google procedure.

Google's algorithm is tough. How they index is not a piece of cake.

Traffic varies for different keywords. Google is happy to make it harder for people to do well in the SERPs. They want to make you pay for Google ads.

Lets consider an example.Lets say the word "search engine optimisation".If we are targeting the UK market only then with those keywords,Google will rank your website in the first few pages of the search engines.But if u are targeting the American markets then the keywords "search engine optimisation",then ur website might not be ranked in the first few pages of the search engines.So to target the American market u should have spelled it as "search engine optimization" and not "search engine optimisation".For e.g. I have written an article on "keyword cannibalisation" for my company blog.So if I search on the term "keyword cannibalisation" it comes up in the first page of the Google Search Engine but if I search the term "keyword cannibalization" it doesn't come up.The "s" and "z" makes a lot of difference in the search results.So if your business is targeting global markets the minor difference between "s" and "z" makes a lot of difference in getting traffic.

But the distance between the server and the location where the website is used also determines its ranks. Its also important to opt for local hosting because such people can understand the complexities of the clients, language-wise. The hosting operators in another country are not present when the website is live.

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