hi everyone i want to know is there any way of promoting my blog fast and getting traffic to it?

the only way is social bookmarking. post your blog on different social bookmarking websites. and share it

you should promote your blog like how you promote a Web site. It's not much of a difference!

Hi, smarto

If you want instant traffics to your new sites or blogs, I would like to recommend below 2 channels:
1. PPC like Google Adwords would be a nice source for quality traffics.
2. Social media including social bookmarking and social networking sites would be another nice source for free traffic purpose.

all the best,

We used press releases both paid (prweb)and free (prlog) when we launch a new site.

yes, discussion places like forum blog commenting are great place for this kind of stuff.

Post your links on social bookmarking sites. You can add your links through articles also.

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