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From the SEO glossary:

Hallway page

a page that serves as an index to a group of pages that you would like the search engine spiders to find. Once a search engine spider indexes the hallway page, it should also follow all the links on that hallway page and in turn index those pages as well.


A "hallway" page is a page that has links to all your different "optimized" pages you've optimized for each search engine. A web page created specifically to link doorway pages on a web site.
A Hallway Page is used to:
a. Attract visitors from the search engines straight onto the Hallway Page
b. Organizes the Doorway Pages
c. Helps people navigate to different Doorway Pages
d. Enables search engine bots to index the Doorway Pages

Find more about HallWay Page from google.

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A "hallway" page is a page that has links to all your different "optimized" pages you've optimized for each search engine. When this hallway page is submitted to a search engine, the search engine's spider travels down the page and branches off to these links indexing those pages you really want indexed. In theory, the pages it spidered will rank higher than the hallway page and higher than they would if they were submitted individually.


A hallway page is a web page which redirects user to other web pages. its main purpose was to enable a Search Engine's spider to follow these links to the pages to which the links refer in the expectation that the Search Engine will then index these pages.It is not good way of doing seo you should avoid it.


This is new for many seo's. A website that serves as an index or a focal point for a group of pages. Usually, all the main pages of a site are accessible through the hallway page.


Please Explain to me how can i submit the link in hallway pages and give me some hallway pages list to sumissions thanks


Yeah I want to say like "markseliven" please can any one give me some hallway pages list?

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