Hi all,

I have been all over the web checking out many posts, but dont seem to get a clear answer so I thought I would ask it here.

I have a website will allows people to leave and read comments on topics etc (its not a forum), my problem is the comments section is javascript based.

So firstly will google be able to read the comments left ?, as i though this would help enrich my website content

will it have an adverse effect on my ranking for using js for people leaving comments ?

Many Thanks


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Generally the answer is no.

Your comments are dynamically loaded which makes it very hard for any spider to read them.

A few JavaScript comment systems give you the ability to include the comments as plain html, but it's more complex to implement.

Using a JavaScript comment systems will not have a negative effect on your ranking, but then it won't have a positive one either. Comments in html add to a pages content and can potentially improve it's performance. With social getting in the picture the social links they add may help as well.


Perhaps a page that contains your link has not been indexed by google, try doing ping

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