Hi all,

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong category (so many to choose from). I am fairly new to websites design etc..

I have my website listed on all the major search engines, and my website has been up and running for about 3 months now.

Even though a couple of my pages are on Google page 1, I still seem to have a pagerank of 0. Does anybody have any ideas on how long it takes to get off the magic 0 and at least up to 1 ?

As my website is about holiday property letting (very competitive market) very few other webmasters seem to want to exchange links especially because I have a pagerank of 0, but how do you get off the ground if nobody will exchange links (its the chicken and the egg thing)

I have added to quite a few travel directories, but im fast running out of ideas..

any help gratefully appreciated


The last toolbar Page Rank update took 9 months and took place in January 2011. If that delay is anything to go by, it could be around August 2011 before the next PR update? But hard to tell.

Toolbar PR is however, just a static copy of the current and live actual PR, which changes fluidly as Googlebot crawls the web, it is constantly recalculated on the fly.

So while you wait for Toolbar PR to update, the actual performance of your site will vary in real time.

Don't worry too much about PR, but yeah continue to add to directories, spreading between general web directories, business directories, and local tourism related directories. I'd actually focus on the smaller linking opps like local tourism sites, since these are off the radar of bigger link building campaigns, but generally are high quality places to get links, since they do not engage in spammy techniques, nor sell links to random sites that aren't related etc.

Of course, you're own site should be high quality first so that you link partners feel good about linking.

It is probably because 3 months is not enough to climb to pr 1. And one disadvantage was that the pr was updated as soon as you started working on your site. But, i think the stage should be set by the time the next pr updates. As tomachi said, it will be around jul-aug. Till then you can continue with your seo activities, but make sure that you maintain the quality of backlinks.

A couple of ideas: whitespark.ca has a local citation finder tool that can help you find directories to add you site to. One of the factors for PR is the number of high PR sites linking to your site. Find high PR sites to link to your site and you'll see your PR go up.

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