Should be in April, right?
Last update to a very long time now

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i thinks gg update PR is to day!
11/4/2011 but my site aren;t change!

Its not disclosed by google so keep passions. But Its ensured that google make updates near three month

It is known by Google only not even God. :)

Google update time 2 to 6 month, no one can predict its.

If you are talking about the toolbar, Google doesn't really update the Google PR toolbar anymore, and when they do, it's not entirely acccurate.

i think google update pr about 3 to 6 month in half yearly.

I would say that there is no such specific time. It is always different from time to time, they keep it unpredictable to ensure that only high-quality sites receive a higher PR. It has been observed, usually they are updated every two months for public relations.

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