The best way to promote your blog is to allow the search engine to highly rank your pages. You can eventually accomplish this by writing well. Don't sweat your off-site ranking influences, concentrate on your paragraphs. Craft your words to be intelligent and indisputably unique. The search engine will pick up on the fact that your articles are important because you spend time composing them. Use synonymous keyphrases and word variables (pluralizing, verb tenses, altered prefixes etc.).

You can also emphasize your keyphrases using bold, italics, underline, larger font etc.

use ppc and ppv techniques. they are paid techniques but you will get instant results.

To promote you blog you should write guest post on you niche related blogs that have good amount of traffic you may also do blog commenting on these blogs

Submit your blog to blog directory, submit feed in feed directory, share blog post with social networking sites are good things for blog promotion.

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