What is web 2.0? I wants to know how it it basically important in regards of link wheel?
If any one is having any idea idea about this please let me know! Thanks a lot in advance.

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web 2.0 are site that creates by using any CMS like word press ,pligg and other

Web 2.0 are those sites that let's anyone publish content in a more creative way. Some of the web 2.0 sites includes, Hubpages and squidoo lenses. To create a link wheel using web 2.0 sites, you've got to do a little keyword research, pick 2-3 keywords that will best described your content. Each web 2.0 site must have unique content. Avoid publishing or duplicate content as they may hurt your traffic on those blogs. Create 3 or more different content to published in each Web 2.0 sites. In each published content, create a backlink targeting each content as well as your website.

Check this thread has some information about web 2.0

Thanks a lot for directing me on the related thread in the same forum itself. The discussion there passed out was very interesting for me as it is quite relevant to my query. Thanks a lot.

Basically web 2.0 is one types of link wheel like as a blog publishing.

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Using Web 2.0 you can post your article(content) and published. nothing more. You can find more detail through Search Eng.

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web 2.0 are site that we create using CMS like word press or blogger

Web 2.0 is advance technology for websites.

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