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On Page SEO - title tags, meta tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, clean coding

Off Page SEO - Link Building for targeted keywords ( article submission, social bookmarking, link wheel, directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting


I am really agree with pgmco that to get the ranking for the website full SEO is compulsory. Without doing full SEO it will be very difficult to get the ranking you are looking for ?

goto google webmaster tools page, register, and follow the instructions, to begin to accomplish what all the prior posts suggest
no doubt you can see a hi degree of agreement, everyone says the same thing

google seem to have a pretty good idea what makes a page rank well on search engines :P

How to increase our Google rankings?

On page SEO and off page SEO are the very important ways to increase google page ranks.

To me, you should never worry about page rank. Content is key to oline success. If you have distinguished content, your page rank will automatically increase.

Search engine optimization has two methods.. One is on page work and another work is off page work.. If we follow those steps surely we will get high ranking in Google..

do continue seo off page on your site on daily basis and take relevant backlinks from high pr sites will help you.

What Google need !
Is it the quality content useful information in your page !
Is it where you submit your site ?
Add your link on the right category and the related source.
Wait. Trees takes time to give fruit !

do these things

blogs commenting
article marketing
forums posting
directories submission

To increase ranking in Google first search relevant keywords for your site and then unique content. Then submit your site to dofollow and high pr sites. These do follow and high pr sites will bring ranking and traffic to your site.

Google rankings can be increased by doing SEO stuffs very intelligently,involving on page optimization and off page optimization.Not following the Black Hat techniques there by avoiding spam can be one of the effective ways as Google has it's own way of penalizing for it.

It depends on the seo that you are doing for you site to increase your SERP . Try to get more backlinks to you site

Both on page and Off page SEO helps you to get higher rankings in search engines.

The best way to increase the page ranking is through increasing the number of backlink, providing fresh and quality content on your website, adding new features that attracts users to the website.

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