Can anyone tell me why that might be? And can you guys maybe give me some tips to fix it.

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PR can not be fixed right now. Keep building quality backlinks, to increase the PR in next update. (Last PR update from Google was in January 2011)

I can’t say I was too surprised. Search Engine Journal was not the only site I noticed a drop in PageRank on last night, I noticed many other blogs and forums I read experiencing a drop. And recent Google activity has pointed to a new regrouping of PageRank, which may be addressing the size and growth of the Internet since Larry PageRank was first published, or may be addressing the growth of paid linking.

Pagerank drops and rises mean very little if anything at all. Even to the search engine, I am not sure PR has ant real significance.

To me, the green PR bar is a visual tool similar to a baby's soother, It is an illusion that both calms and confuses the masses of Internet marketers who want to believe that their web pages have some importance.

I remember when Google first rolled out PR. It worked amazingly, for about a week. From that point on, Pagerank technology became a "pot of gold" (literally).

It does real significance, because my traffic went from 6000+ to 4300+ Hits.

why do you want to increase your PR? Do work for real traffic.

Keep building quality backlinks as the net growth every day. This means if you stop working your pr will decrease naturally.
What about your traffic? This is what it's important.
I have sites with pr 0 that are on the first page of google ... so ...

Can anyone tell me why that might be? And can you guys maybe give me some tips to fix it.

hi friend your good question ???

i have same problem...thanks for sharing..

Constantly update your site content and improve the living more of your site, as well as the steady increase in the chain

I add new content everyday, fix all 404 errors, and work on anything else that needs work on. I will add 1,000 back link this month for that site.
And Thanks to all who replied

I notocedthat PR has little or no value that's why you see websites with a PR of 0 on the first page of google.

I have faced the same problem now i think its time to do more on page marketing rather then making content farms and other strategies.

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