Hello guys,

I just wonder if anyone knows if the number of website visits affect your search engine ranking?

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I don't think so. Only the popularity of your website affects search engine ranking. Popularity in the form of backlinks.

SE bots dont have access to the server logs that actually record visits

data not part of the server log can be faked tricked abused, or is simply wrong

I'm sorry I was wrong in phrasing my question. What I mean is, is the number of website visits affects the keyword positioning in the search engine.

For example, in my website I used "php programmer, asp programmer" keywords. Does the website visits affects the position of the domain when users search those keywords?

No, reiterated, SE bots have no access to the part of the server that records the number of visits
SE do record the number of links in search results that are clicked, but they have little or no weight
All information on google's and by extension everybody else's, is explained in the google webmaster guide, suggest you sign up as a webmaster and read the guide, there will be a fewer things you need to ask, accurate answers, and you will be less likely to be caught up in questionable practices recommended by some optimisers that get sites blacklisted

Thank you almostbob.

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