I have two websites xyz and abc with same keywords...
Xyz website's keywords are good in ranking like on 1st page but abc website's keywords are not good in result. I am doing the same task on both websites, like articles, forum, etc etc.

Pls tell me best result

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What about content on your weebsites? Is it unique and quality? Or not? Do you have the same content on the both websites?

Here are a few questions you should ask:
- are both sites on the same "engine". is one of the sites on drupal and the other on Joomla?
- are both sites hosted on same servers \ same hosting companies
- do both sites have the same links to them?
- do both site links have the same anchor text
- does the not-so-successful site have links from bad neighborhoods?
- is the site speed the same?
- if your sites are not US, are they both hosted in the relevant country. for example .ca hosted in Canada

It will be hard to gain ranking for both unless one is performing a different task from the other. You may run into duplicate content issues.

Make both the websites as different as possible and you will have more of a chance.

Using some good search engine marketing techniques:

1) Pay Per Click and Cost Per Click Marketing.
2) Social Media Optimization.
3) Online Product Promotion.
4) Search Engine Optimization.
5) Video and Audio Posting
6) Online Banner Advertising.
7) Classified Ads Posting.

If you are targeting same keywords for both sites, its very hard to rank but not impossible. Hope content is not copied or duplicate on other website. there are so many factor, one cannt judge what exactly is the reason.

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