How do you measure keyword density on your pages?

Personally, I just count the number of times my keyword shows up. My count is done while viewing the code, so I can see

inside meta tags etc.

Is there a better way?

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Title, Keywords, Alt Text, Description, and Comments. Most SEOs refer to the method when talking about keyword density though. But, how do search engines measure keyword density? They actually use the complex method to measure it.

To measure the keyword density and to low down/increase the density,we should first take in consider which keyword you are targeting and for which search engine TLD you need to do the seo .TLD means top level domain like .com,, etc

for example if you are targeting a keyword "top resorts in kerala" and as the location kerala is in India,you have to open and search the keyword in the search bar and get the first 10 results.

Note:there are many sections in SEO we need to takecare of the keyword density for a particular keyword

For the time being,we will talk about the title as a start up which is seen in <title></title> tag

Analyze all the 10 top listed websites title and check the maximum times they used the keyword.

like site#1 kept -cheap resorts in kerala
site#2 kept -best resort in india
Site#3 kept -affordable resort in cochin and so on..

then for the keyword -top resorts in kerala,you should use the following density

The "top" didnt used at all in the above sites,so you should keep it atleast once..its recommended.
The "resorts" used 3 times,so you can use the keyword "resort" atleast once and maximum 3 times.if you didnt use it for atleast once then keyword density of the word 'resort' inthe keyword-top resorts in kerala for the title tag is low and if you use it more than 3 times then the keyword density is high.

the "kerala" used one time in the above sites,so you can use it for atleast one time and maximum one time only

So by analysing like this,your title for the keyword"top resorts in kerala" can be some ting like this

example title:"top resorts in kerala|Best resorts in India|cheap resorts"

this is achieved by using the above method
using top atleast once (recommended for keyword:top resorts in kerala)
using resort for 1-3 times
using kerala for definitely once

hope this helps..
let me know if you need any clarification.



Keyword Density is occurrence of duplication of provided keyword or phrase in body text on web site. The higher frequency is greater likelihood of a higher ranking in search results.

10 divided by 250 = .04 x 100 = 4% -or- keyword count divided by total word count x 100 = keyword density in %.

Try this formula for calculating.

five to six keywords are enough on one page...

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