Water marks with company’s name or URL is a good alternative to protect your images from getting stolen, however this makes the image a little untidy. Is there any other way to protect images against image theft?

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It really depends on how thorough you want to be, but I've found that the following triple whammy is sufficient most of the time:

  1. Make sure that your images are registered so that you can identify yourself as the copyright owner in the case that someone steals them.
  2. Decrease the resolution of an image as much as possible without making it look bad. The best way to keep people from stealing your images is to make them not worth stealing. ;)
  3. Prevent direct downloads by displaying the image as the background to an empty table:
    <table style="background-image:url('image.jpg'); width:M; height:N">

A copyright watermark can still be added to make it obvious you don't want to share, and the watermark can be unobtrusive. However, an unobtrusive watermark tends to be easier to remove unless you go out of your way to work it into each image naturally. Steganography is another option for watermarking in an invisible way, if you're just looking for ways to prove that the image is yours, but it's more complicated.

copy rights
if that is expensive watermark..Thats the best.
if you provide the download option or right click option disabled..still people can download it and reuse it.

also if its watermarked.. it will look a bit duplicate evenif they used photoshop to edit it..
hard to protect digital files..

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