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Is that any online School for SEO learning?

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I haven't seen any school for SEO. But you can learn from forums where so many SEO experts can participate and discuss about the various queries.

dear....There is no seo school...
experience is the best teacher in seo field...
i think a seo professional can help u......

I haven't seen any school for SEO. But you can learn from forums where so many SEO experts can participate and discuss about the various queries.

I agree with nanvymaben. I myself initially have gained useful and relevant information about Seo from forums.

Yes there is no any school for SEO,but many institutes are available for SEO Training.

SEO needs nothing to learn just pay little bit attention to read out the blogs and article ,seo tips and make a use of it no need to find tutor

I disagree with most posters regarding SEO schools, There is a SEO master workshop from Tampa SEO which i attended a few years back. And my honest opinion is that it was one of the most valuable courses i have ever attended... very worth while

i have never heard about any recognised seo school so far. Infact you don't need to attend any school to learn seo(if you are having basic idea of web development), Just follow some genuine seo forums like daniweb, warriorforum and seochat and blogs like seobook, searchengineland

i do not think so , that is there any school for online seo trenaning

I haven't heard about any specific school for SEO. Most SEO people learn stuff through forums. For advanced knowledge about SEO you can enroll in SEO training courses provided by SEOBook etc. They are somewhat expensive but you get access to premium tools and knowledge articles.

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The best way to learn the seo is to participate in various discussion boards. As a beginner you can finds great deals on used books at amazon too.

A formal school, such as going to class, taking tests, etc? I have not heard of anything like that, but I am not all-knowing.

The way I learned is the old-school techie way of doing it: Poke around in the program first, ask stupid questions, then buy a "for dummies" or "complete idiot's guide to".

  • First, I went on to the web, searched google, and learned the basics.

  • Then I did what I learned. That reinforced my learning.

  • Then I went to forums, learned from them, and started putting up posts and tutorials. When you start teaching, or writing tutorials, it reinforces what you know, and shows you the holes in your knowledge. To answer the questions that come up requires thought and research.

  • Then I bought SEO for Dummies and read that.

  • Then I applied what I learned in that.

Bottom line: in the military, it would be called OJT, on-the-job training.

Hey, if you can convince a school that you are qualified to teach such a course, go for it!


Here are lots of people giving SEO Tranings but in my opinion their is not any perfect insitute for SEO.

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