I have a question:

Suppose I have a Google analytic a/c. Google gives a code to be inserted in head section.
Should I insert the same code in all web pages head section.

Or for every webpage, we shall create a unique web Property and thus a unique code.

Please advice, If i use the same code for many inner pages of a websites, How will I know that which page has How much Traffic, or Google analytic s will show that also?

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Google analytics figures that out from the URL. Just paste the code they gave you into every page you want to be monitored.

No need to insert the code in every page, analytics is a smart package it can easily identify the inner pages of a site.. so dont worry!

You just need to put the code on your html document.

Okay let me clarify about this.

- If your site designed in HTML platform, you should setup GA code each and every page (in Header or Footer).
- If it is designed in PHP platform or if you used any CMS (Content Management System), no need to add each and each page, Just add it on HOME page, it will be track all pages, to conform this, you can check in internal pages through page source.

And you can know which url how much getting traffic through Google Analytics.

yes, you have to put this code each and every pages if it's html.
and if it's php or cms just word press, then you have put on only one section
You can put that code footer, better if you're putting on header section.

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