i like the job of advertising

Huh?? What's your point??

What does that mean? Are you looking for a job about ads? I am a publisher of reachjunction and some other ad networks. You can also try that if you like.

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click, it also related to cost per click. In PPC advertising, the advertiser has to pay for each click made to thier site advertisement. It is a paid inclusion and delivers inorganic traffic to the site.

ppc is the pay per click stratergy....that you pay for promotion of your website......

I thinks pay for click is expensive :(

yeah its expensive.......

Pay pay click(ppc) is also known as cost per action. The profession of pay per click is augment the trip peak on website. Through pay per click website can get high grade in search engine. It's is also one to most incredible online work. And it is effective way to increase the level of income.

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