you can put 2-3 main keywords in meta tag. if your keyword is short then u can put 4-5 keywords.

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There is no problem for using 4-5 keywords. But the keyword contain good search ranking for targeting our websites or products.

4 keywords will be best if your keyword are short otherwise 3 keywords will be better

As per my knowledge we can put 6 to 7 keywords in meta tag.

According to me we, can put maximum 6 keywords on per page.


If we are writing the meta tags then we have to tack care about the web page content. So related to content we have to put our keywords in meta tags and these must not be spamming. All meta tags have meaning whcih can be understood by search engine as well as user.

3-4 keywords are allowed. Maximum 60 character will be search engine friendly.

Use only those keywrod which fits on the 70 charcters lenth , because the search enigines do not read more than 70 charcters for meta titles and they do not show in search results .

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