I have created one and adsense didn't approve it.I made many changes but still it didn't accept it.
what should my site contain of to be accepted by google adsense?

Google choose website has high PR.
High PR --> high traffic --> serveral clicks on adsense :D

You want to get some traffic first.

Add more quality and unique content to your site, start doing linkbuilding to your site to drive traffic to your site. After getting some decent traffic to your site, apply for adsense. There is a chance for approval.

You should provide more quality of content in your website. and useful information.

Recently i got following site approve for adsense :- [snipped]

Some point which are worth mentioning are :-
1) Do plan for an SEO session

2) Site with a defined purpose have more chances for approval.

3) Site with quality content always increases visitors loyalty rate.

4) Keep updating site so that viewer would remain interested, else they will move away from your site.

First thing if u are from india its better try not to apply for adsense immediately once u start the site.

Secondly they wont accept any blogspots now a days until and unless they are aged and u need to add unique content.


Why wasn't it accepted? Did it contain illegal information? Adult content?

Adsense says "page type not supported".It is a blogspot site

I had another site(on a free hosting one)before.It gave me "Under construction" error

Oh I think one of the requirements is that you have your own domain. I THINK.

U need to own a domain for atleast 6 months. U need to post unique content. Design wise need to be good.

Some restrictions for indian users

Own domain is not the mandatory requirement.
The unique content with good stuff derive users to visit one's domain.
Always give a good look at the search keyword which are driving traffic to your site.
Improve them to attract more users. Same approach i followed with my blog too.

ok thanks everyone.looks like they have A LOT of rules.thanks for answering all!

Increase the traffic on your website.

If you want quick accept from Google,make blog on http://www.blogger.com/home ,put some text,images and videos,Google will accept you for 24h or less.

create a simmle site in html. and write an article with 500 - 1000 words in home page. create some categories and then apply for addsense.

please one try on google adsense revenue sharing
i think it is best idea

you have to make quality site with some organic traffic, quality post, PR2 is better

.com domain
your own content
make high quaility backlinks
one or more post every day

The content on your site has to be original with no duplicates elswhere on the web. You also need to identify keywords and apply keyword density rules.

You can always write and ask what you did wrong in the first palce.
Then you must be sure that you don't break their rules ( having adult content, pharmacy related, etc ).
After that you should be approved.
example: if you have a news sport site you will be approved.

Content of your site should be unique first of all, if your site content is not unique then it is not too helpful, I would say.

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