Hi Friends, 
           Is Landing Page useful to decrease the Bounce Rate of Website..???

There are many resone depend on bounce rate that you should follow-
1) Page load time
2) Initial visual impact
3) Compatibility
4) Relevant headings
5) Show relevant content
6) Show relevant alternative content
7) Clear navigation to the rest of your website
8) Keep up to date etc

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Do you even understand what landing page is?

The landing page is the first page that the visitor sees. The bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave the site after seeing the first page. Notice the correlation? :)

landing page is ideal for a next step in the lead process. A good landing page will target a particular audience using a unique page that

Most Important benifits that works with well designed landing Pages Is , Retains visitor Attention and Helps to turn them in Customers .

Using landing pages offers significant benefits not only with PPC search engine listings, but with other external links to your website as well.

i haven't yet cleared about the concept about the Landing page..

what i gt is LAnding page is ur first impression to the user.

Landing Page is where have specific topic and share more for the content.
That is why landing page is important than homepage cause that is the page where you going to convert your visitors to your client .
Conversion is make through there.
And you will notice , usually landing page is more easy to rank on search engine compare to home page because landing page have more content which is quality content with high keywords density , just in time and powerful call to action , adding value on what they will get.

Landing pages should have pure content
NO click here to enter, that is immediate bounce
Home pages should have pure content
the user wants the ppoint of entry, regardless of the query string used to FIND the site, to contain the information requested, anything else, and they will bounce to the next SER