I do not know my SEO bad, or annihilated my station because of the Google Panda algorithm
And I?

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And you... do not know how to construct a question in such a way that it makes any sense at all. Want to try again?

NO, I just want to take to do from scratch in

Ah, thanks, that clarified things. NOT. Sigh :(

Nice post.. Thanks for sharing it


Actually, on second thought, this clarifies a lot for me. DaniWeb keeps getting hit by Panda because of threads like these :-/ To recover from Panda you need quality content in complete sentences. No duplicate content. And absolutely no spun content!

This is my inadequacies, high-links for the king. They are so miserable. Thanks for pointing

commented: Your translator is failing miserably. Your posts make no sense at all. -3
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