Can any one tell me how to get more traffic to a website

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You can do forum posting, blog commenting, article submission and social bookmarking. These are effective ways to get more website traffic.

Social media platforms and off page seo techniques this are the best way for getting the viral as well as organic traffic on our website.

Can any one tell me how to get more traffic to a website

Your content is the number one component in getting more traffic. If its unique, good, fresh and relevent to your community's interest, the social aspects will take care of themselves. People will want to share and repost your information bringing you more traffic. Search engine spiders will index your content quicker and come back more often.

You have to make sure your site is not only human friendly, but also web spider friendly. This is where the SEO techniques come into play.

1). Write unique and user friendly content for your website.
2). Social Media sites are best part of getting more and more traffic on website in short time period.
3). Use off-page seo techniques like : directories, bookmarking, forums, blog commenting, article submissions, etc...

To get more traffic you could do social media optimization process by sharing your links in facebook, twitter, linkedin,etc.., to bring more traffic to your site.

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