what is mean by keyword prominence and share information about it briefly

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Keyword prominence is the process of placing the keywords in a webpage in an effective way like in meta tag, title as well as in content.

In SEO keyword prominence means placement of keywords in Web page. We can do placement of keywords in the title, meta tags, page header,opening paragraph, and at start of a sentence.

It's related to on-page optimization best place to add keywords is meta where you can put your keywords in title, description and in keywords as well.

Keyword Prominence is the location of a particular keyword in HTML code in the web page. Through this method, you create weightage of your web page by keywords.

what is the possition of keyword with html code in the web page that is prominence. it very importent for on page seo.

It just simply means the location of your keywords on the page !!

Placement and location of keyword in HTML source code on webpage is called keyword prominence.

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