Will our keyword ranking decrease, whenever google gets updated??

yes, its according to the work we have done. If we done a good job we will see some improvement. If not google will punish our keyword, and also it may decrease. It depends on the quality backlinks and traffic of the website.

It depends! if your page is not according to google guideline and the google update, you are targeting for the specific keyword, it may loose rank.

It depends upon the strategy and work seo process done for the website.These updates mainly cause damages to the websites having low quality link buidling,spammed websites,black hat using websites.High quality seo link building wont affect the keywords rankings.

It depends on your site and its backlinks. If you plan a good SEO then it will never have a dratistic effect on the rankings!!

A web page's rankings vary continuously dependant on many factors, mostly a reflection of the actual content of the page but also significantly because of localization and personalization.

I have seen my keywords ranking decreasing....even after regularly doing off page SEO. Does it neccesary to do on page optimization also??

Some forms of off page SEO can produce a negative effect on ranking. What have you been doing exactly?

Yes google update will brings decreas in the keyword ranking. Its because of many reasong that is your competitor may work better than you. And you may not do some regular off page work.And your site traffic may decrease,you may not have some good quality backlinks. these all will brings a change in keyword ranking.

whenever a google updates come out its update hit website with low quality content and the website with the low qualiy or the bad and the broken link site if your work niche of your site and the links are the ood quality then you don't need to worry with the any update of the google

Well, no its doesn't works the way like that yes keyword ranking decrease after the updates but sometimes it'd only because of the Google dance as after the algorithm updates refreshing is takes place which means change in keyword ranking but there are also some other cases where the change in position is observed and that's only if you've been using black hat tricks to get yourself over the top !!

Do not over do off page of your website try to build link with informative content or comment and your link should be relevant and related to the your website's flavor and try to create variation of anchor text links.

Keyword ranking can go up and down. Even with local SEO you may have some competitors who are working the same market and vying for positions on the same keywords. It is important to keep practicing SEO via the best recommendations made by Google. If you try to gain quantity over quality you are putting your efforts at a disadvantage.

More likely yes. Or it can also improve. It really depends if you have coped up with Google's algorithm or if you have violated them. Doing rigid research about the topic through seo blogs can help you improve your knowledge and skill in SEO.

keyword ranking is depending on submission and quality work means no spamming work,u should use only organic seo.

@OTS can you tell us actually what type of submissions you are talking about? Are you talking about directory submissions or Article Posting or maybe something else ???

When contents in the website are fresh and unique, properly done on-page optimization and off-page optimization, you will never going to loose your rankings.

Imagine you have a tumbler to fill water, if you fill full it may overflow or if you fill low its very little not useful, so you have to see and fill it. Just like the example for good results in SEO dont do over or less optimization, be careful and do useful optimization.

Stick to the simple rule of Inbound marketing as "Optimize your Online Channels to become what your targetd audience want to consume " And Thus you can overcome the fear of getting penalized by Google.

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