I'm building my links using link:www.xyz.com on GOOGLE (where www.xyz.com is competitor's url or website of similar niche). Now i have built few links from such sites. But only one link is indexed in google. I have already used pingomatic and search engine pingler tools but no change. I have noticed that google is also indexing facebook page, twitter account and linkedIn page as backlinks then why my pages are not indexed as google backlinks.

What else i can do build GOOGLE BACKLINKS? OR I must try some other method to generate GOOGLE Backlinks. Now thinking about getting reciprocal links... Will that harm my site due to penguin updates?

I would avoid reciprocal links. That's a very outdated strategy that really doesn't do much anymore, and, as you mention, I'm not sure how it will be affected by Penguin. We know that a major part of Penguin is to catch those types of black hat techniques, so I wouldn't risk it.

Keep in mind that link: and site: queries in Google only provide a small subset/sampling so you can't really rely on it. If you sign up with Google Webmaster Tools, you can see a much more accurate picture of the backlinks for your site that Google knows about, and you'll see it's a much more complete image. Unfortunately, you don't have access to the Webmaster Tools accounts of your competitors!

The best way to build backlinks is by providing awesome content that people are naturally going to want to link to, aka "link bait". Provide social widgets such as the Like/Tweet button within your content. Google is starting to count these types of social signals within its ranking algorithm, even though it's not considering them true backlinks. As you mentioned, you're seeing Google liking social sites as well.

Thanks Danin for the great informative post .

@Dani: Thanks for guiding me... i cancelled out the plan of reciprocal links

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