Links to your website are very important for Internet marketing and getting ranked higher in search engines for keywords related to your business.
Benefits of links to your website:

1.The right links can drive traffic to your site which can convert into leads.
2.Links help search engines find all of the content on your site to index that content.
3.The number and quality of links to your site help determine your Page Rank (basically a measure of how important Google thinks your website is) and your Page Rank

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Link building is very important for ranking website in search engine result page. So we must try to create quality backlinks to website by doing off page activities like directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission etc.

SEO is mainly focus on link building strategy, Link building helps to get the PR for the webpages in the website as well as helps to boost the keywords on SERP top position.

There is nothing in seo without link building because back links are like oxygen for seo. Beside that it's going tough task to do because google is taking number of actions against link building strategy.

Link Building is a one of the important offpage SEO technique which is used to rank a site and also drives traffic to the sites.
Link building means building backlinks to your site.Link building methods are Social bookmarking submission, article submission, press release submission, forum submission, directory submission, business listing, web 2.0 submission, blog posting, classified submission, Rss submission and blog commenting.

Link building is important factor for the off page seo.
There are three types of link building are: way link building
2.two way link building
3.three way link building

Absolutely the most insane thread I've seen around here for quite some time. You people are living in the SEO stone ages.

PageRank is an obsolete technology that Google keeps around to perpetuate the illusion that it is important to acquire. It's all part of its massive fraud that is begining to unravel as more Snowden documents leak out.

Link building in itself does not work well for ranking web pages. As a stand alone SEO strategy it is essentially useless.

What really works well?

Developing a site that the search engines trust and then continue crafting original, evolving, intelligent content within that site.

MOre the site will be with your link on them more will be your pr and more high rank your site will have in the top results of serp of a search engine.

Backlinks are very imporatnt for ranking website. Get must get backliks from quality websites. Quality of backlinks is more important than quantity of website.

Importance of backlinks can't be denied even after the regualr updates by Google. Many SEO experts say that after the recent changes in algorithms, SEO is dead while I do not think so. Yes, link building is delivering only if it is cropped at right place in right manner.

It brings more traffic to your website and results in good page ranking

Link building is very important o to rank website. We can use off page optimization techniques like social bookmarking, article submission, directory submission to get backlinkis to our website.

Leveraging the traffic effectively is so crucial as you mentioned in the post! All the tips mentioned are great for bloggers and article marketers to use. My favorite options would be to direct people to the newsletter especially first time visitors, and optimize the posts even more to rank higher!

LInk Building Is Best SEO Parts:

There are three kind of link building :

1 way link building
2 way link building
3 way link building

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