Whether the articles submitted to Articles Directory could also be submitted to social bookmarking websites as link building strategy.

Is it correct to submit all articles with links pointing to two domains to social bookmarking websites.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, to get quicker indexing from Google, you can bookmark your published articles on social bookmark sites. However, there are few social bookmark sites which do not allow to bookmark links from Article submission sites (Eg: Digg.com)

My one another doubt is whether I can bookmark my own articles in different social bookmarking sites.

Well, using the article directories and social bookmarking websites can still be recommended to build traffic for the websites on the net but these might be regarded as some temporary traffic building schemes rather than long term authority link building resources. Although your articles could get on lots of sites, but a lot of links would drop after some time.

bookmarking your published articles on social bookmarking site is resulting quick indexing in google and create some quality links,

Agree... Bookmarking is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site, get ranked higher and indexed faster in search engines.

My one another doubt is whether I can bookmark my own articles in different social bookmarking sites.

If the content is not the same, I think you can.But isn't it better to submit them to article directories like ezine?

To bookmark your good articles on social bookmarking sites can be very effective at indexing sight.

Yes it is a great strategy for SEO but I would suggest to not submit the same article link to a social bookmarking sites from difference article directroies.
It means that if you submit an article on ezinearticles and articlesbase then you should only submit one of these articles in socila bookmarking sites.

I suggest submit your article to ezine and you can start bookmarking it.. I believe that ezine is the best out there, that's in my experience..

Hello, Can any one give list of article directories where we can submit our articles on internet.

Pls. reply.

In my own experiences, social bookmarking sites would usually not accept as much contents as article directories. You might want to use your keywords in tags and might be reviews on social bookmarking sites. :)


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