Hello Friends,

I am work from last 1 year on my website for getting the rank , I am doing all off-page process but didnt get the ranking so what i do for that type of site.

I visited your website and and i come to know why you are facing that problem.You have to put some quality in your content. all you have to do is on page SEO again in well mannered way.

I think you are not doing all seo techniques in a good way you need to be more accurate ..First do search engine submission and than do bookmarking and than do blog submission and than do forum posting...and mix all the techniques equally...

make use of trageted keywords in your content, as well as in Meta tags on your website. then only Google rank your website for specific keyword.

Hello era27,

Thanks for help me....But I want you suggest me how to do blog posting and article submission with accurate way.


There are so many SEO techniques you can implement on your website as it is categorized in two parts WHITE HAT SEO & BALCK HAT SEO. White Hat provides you long term benefits and Black hat provides you benefits for a short term. I suggest you to go for White Hat technique. Same most effective techniques are :

  1. You should use quality & unique content. It will help you in increasing page rank.
  2. You should keep true page title which matches the content of that webpage.
  3. Do research of your keyword by keeping the user thinking in mind that what keywords they can use for their search.
  4. You should have quality inbound links which are having relevant content. Every good link will count as a good vote and will help in increasing your page ranking.

hey ... i was studying ur website have found some cons you should turned into pors

1. Do not have quality content
2. only 400+ visitors daily
3. Get some handy backlinks

pros - try this

  1. Get some quality articles , images , videos related to your nice and submit ur sitemap to goole , bing , yahoo
  2. Post in up to 10 to 20 forums about ur website i mean backlinks
  3. Do social promotion

With the help of submissions and the bookmarking we can built quality links. In opposite we get quality back links also in which we can increase google page rank. We have to use quality content, proper keyword analysis for our site. While designing our site we must keep in the mind we follow the rules and strategies of white hat. We should do on page as well as off page optimization.

Thanks For give me suggestion about my problems.

I could not find the xml sitemap on your website. Xml sitemap is really improtant thing for the seo because google easily crawl the website which have the xml sitemap. You can generate the xml sitemap free and upload to your website.

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