What are the factors that decide the cost of SEO ?

There may be many factors to decide the cost of SEO:
1. Link Building(quantity and quality of backlinks)
2. Website pages(Counting of web pages)
3. On page errors
4. Business(Goal conversion)

But cost can be reduced by getting detailed analysis of website by SEO tools which are available online.

link building is one of the factor and website maintainance is other factor may be

Price of SEO depends on the followings factors

  • Onsite optimization work
  • For how many keywords you want to optimize the site and
  • Link Building Work i.e OffPage Optimization
    For best and quick results always choose those keywords that have low competition and high searches

both the on page and off page activities are most dependent factors

When you say the cost of SEO, are you talking about hiring an SEO consultant or doing pay-per-click advertising such as with Google AdWords?

Cost of SEO is dependent on basically two factors: i.e. On-Page and Off-Page SEO activites. On-page again includes a number of activites like hcard/vcard, meta,alt tage etc while Off-page includes link building, competetior anaylysis etc. So, there are number of factors that decides rankings and usually when you hire any SEO company, they have plans like short,medium, long etc and accordingly they plan out the strategies on how to do SEO of the website and accordingly the cost has been decided.

cost of seo is dependent on your seo requirment

yah i agree , cost of seo is dependent on seo requirement.

Its depend on a SEO or on client.
I mean some client wont traffic on site, some wont high PR, some wont goal conversions and some want all these things.
So you should to charge accouting to client demand.

Cost of SEO is depend on your requirement. On which page you want your website.

Thanks to all the Dani Member's i can say that there is no any tricks that would let you know about the cost !! I guess it depends according to the current situation of the site!!

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