Can anyone tell me the new Google updates made in 2014? I have checked the web and I find nothing new.


Hi Eugene,

Google has announced to launch is new product: The Google Glass well into 2014. This was earlier going to be launched in 2013 but that did not happen. So what is the Glass?

Here is a list of the specs summary for the Glass.

Display: 640 x 360 display (equivalent to a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away)
In-built camera: 5 megapixel with a video of 720 p
Battery Life: Roughly a day
Memory: 16 GB, although only 12 GB is available for the user.
Inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Price: To be announced soon, but the developer’s edition is for $1,500. Though the consumer costs will be lower.
Available in 5 different colors: Black, brown, red, blue, white.

I hope we'll get benefit, the new age technological wearable glass for $1500 or below in 2014.

Rupesh K

Thanks for the info guyz. But the SEO process is still the same with the previous algorithm Google changes in the previous years, right?

Rupesh, that was an expensive product of Google...How helpful is that?

Dear Eugene, It can be expensive for common man, but if we do comperative study about their functionalities and benefits we can utilize it as a business & benefit more than their investment.

Eugene, You are right it can be expensive in some expect but in other context it's good, eg. 3D Holographic Projection it's veery expensive for us but very helpful for research & higher technological delivering work.

whoa guys you give me a lot of information, I really thankful to all of you.

Yes, that's it! Thanks for the information Paul. I will take time to read on that changes. Yes, content marketing really gives huge impact to search engine as well as to the readers.

go for

you will get most updated thing there

Thanks vedant...I will have to look at it.

Google "refreshed" their page layout algorithm, also known as "top heavy". Originally launched in January 2012, the page layout algorithm penalizes sites with too many ads above the fold.

waoooo friends you give me a lot of infomation, i really tahnkful to all of you.

searchenginejournal.com ... this are really best to get regular updation information

You can read any updation by these links.
searchengineland.com, searchenginewatch.com

Thanks Shona. I already bookmarked those website.

well there is nothing new update till now other than a page layout !! Well, bookmark this site "moz.com/google-algorithm-change" it will help you in getting updated about the recent algorithm change.

Hummingbird is the lates update by Google.
These are some good websites to know about recent updates regarding SEO & search engines.

There is no other recently update from Google.

latest google update is page layout update this update come in feb 2014.

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