I am looking for a cheap seo service that works. I am trying to make my web page #1 in google.com .

What should I do ? I know an seo specialist yet the service is very expansive. It takes 6 - 12 months to do so. He said.

I thought I found a much cheaper one through the internet. Yet, he said is black hat. It has a risk of my site being banned in the future.

Well, if any one of you ever seo a website up to page #1 please gives me advice. How to make my page in google page #1?

My site: www.advance-web-studio.com

Keywords to be optimize: web design Jakarta

Thanks in advance.

Never ever go for a cheap SEO service!!!

It's funny though that the cheap one is honest about him using black-hat techniques. Good SEO takes time and resources, but you can do a lot of on-page SEO yourself, because all the info how to do this properly is easy to find on the web. If you go for the cheap one with his shady techniques, you will regret it later.

Well, the cheap service said it is white hat. My seo specialist friend said that it might be black hat.

It is backlink PBN. I cannot tell difference. lol.

Since I am still a beginner which one actually works and which one does not.

"My seo specialist friend"

What did your SEO specialist friend tell you works? In fact, why aren't you using their services?

I can't afford him doing the seo. The price is like 30x more expensive.

It's like paying his salary for a year.

I am looking for a cheap service that works lol.

"What did your SEO specialist friend tell you works? In fact, why aren't you using their services?"

Well, that's a good idea, I will ask him which works. Thanks.

'Cheap' and 'SEO that works' - or at least without straying into black hat territory - tend not to be great bedfellows.

Honestly SEO is the most misunderstood myth across the web. I have been doing SEO from last couple of years and things can get really worst if you follow black hat techniques. I would recommend to invest your money in paid marketing like ads sense if you need quick results instead of hiring a cheap one because there is famous saying among SEOs:

"It Is Better To Have No SEO Then Wrong SEO"

There are numerous vendors out there which provides like 500 backlinks against $5 or may be $10 which will hurt your website reputation beyond your expectation.

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