my site the related to th mechanical i want to promote it to the top rank on google, for that .edu and the .gov site would be beneficial or not?

It is speculated that .edu and .gov still hold alot more weight then other domains. However some might argue that backlinks using keywords to your site would be more effective especially when linking from high ranking relevant websites.

In comparision of other domian .edu and .gov has more weight. but this is only possible if you submit yor website in your niche.

i knew it that .edu amd the .gov sites are the the good reputation site as compare to the other domain but the terms link from the related sites is also true what about it

.edu and .gov are regarded highly; but remember that the highest impact inbound links will be the ones that tie your content together. So if you have a website about being a mechanic, you don't want to build inbound links on websites about dogs. This is because when crawlers start linking all the websites together they are going to go from the site about dogs to your website about being a mechanic and realize that the content has nothing in common. Which if you are using online directories to get inbound links you should be focusing on putting the links in the appropriate directory not an unrelated one.

Now as of for inbound link keywords. If you are writing a guest blog post, having links that might say "Bay Area Mechanic Shop" is going to be alot better then a link that says "My Website". As some crawlers take into account the inbound link text. It isn't a massively huge deal but it does help.

Backlinks from .edu and the .gov sites have more weight than other sites. Even relevancy is also an important factor.
.edu and the .gov sites would be beneficial but less than relevant sites.

It is very tough to get back links from .edy and .gov sites. Relavancy also a major factor that affect ranking.

Acquiring even a few high backlinks from .edu or .gov sites is very effective than other backlinks.However it is difficult to obtain backlinks from these domains.Anyway , you try to get these backlinks.

According to me your website is releated to .edu if having the stuff of mechanical. then getting the backlinks from .EDU website is good for your website SERP.

it is always good to get backlink from .gov and .edu.
if you want to find that type of site then you can use following tool for your niche.
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Certainly .edu and .gov has more weight on back link method. But I prefer submit your site in relevent websites so that avoid future penaltly from google. Google will prefer backlinks from relevent sites.

I used to make many EDU links to my site but majority of them disappeared this year, which made my ranking dropped.. I will have to keep searching for this EDU links as we both know EDU links is usful than other normal ones..

The .edu and .gov domains are gain good weight but your website should be same niche so you can get a good value.