is this possible to post the blogs or the article on the .edu site?

If the site allows guest posting then the answer would be yes.

If the site does not allow guest posting then the answer would be no.


yes. happygeek is right. It is depend on site author.

If the articles your posting is very essential,patented and copyrighted , there might be some edu websites relevant to your niche would would accept it.Also only by approaching the administrator privately, this can be done as they these edu websites does not accept public posts.

It will be accepted once in a bluemoon but it completely depends on the admin, edu sites are very tough to get. It is tougher to get backlinks from edu sites.

I cant add much to what the above posters have said; however don't stress about edu links. Sure they have weight, but if the rest of your website isn't 100% or as close to perfect as possible then you'd be better off fixing your website so it passes every SEO audit out there. That effort will go further faster then if you battle for days/weeks/months on end trying to get a single inbound link from a .edu website. End of the day, even the admins of .edu's are beginning to become smart to SEO tactics and they know their own value. So even after you fight and win that holy grail of .edu links, there really is no garauntee that it will even be a followed link (even though their nofollow links still count, thats a topic that I mentioned last time you asked about .gov/.edu links).

Now if you don't heed my advice to make everything perfect prior to chasing down .edu/.gov/.whatever links then I'd highly suggest that you build a relationship with an educational institution who teaches/trains/etc. individuals in a discipline similar to the product or service you provide. Maybe your a journalist and your website is about journalism, then I suggest you build a relationship with an institution who teaches journalism and writing. By building that relationship, providing them with VALUABLE resources that they can actually use to teach their students, maybe even taking on an intern or two - then you might be lucky enough to get a backlink out of them. But otherwise if you aren't providing them with anything, why would they give you anything?