I want to add some new keywords to my website .
How can i do it so i can search in google by these new words .
Please help me to solve my problem .

Thanks in advance ,

You need to add the new keywords that you want the website to be found by to the content of the website, in the headers, the page meta data, the image alt tags (has a pretty small effect) and the like.

Well, you can put the keywords over the website source code, let me throw you an expale so you can understand it over a better way

<meta name="Keywords" content="(you can put your keywords over here)"/>

@Kelly Burby to be quite honest the meta keywords tag is pretty much useless nowadays. All it really does is give your competitors your keywords on a silver platter so they know what to compete with you on.

@driazi. Here are some easy steps:
1)First thing you should do is head over to Google Adwords.
2)Look for the keyword planner.
3)Begin searching up your niche - your profile says you are into Software Development - so based off of that the tool should return to you a bunch of keyword suggestions
4)Filter down the keywords; since google will probably return to you more then you ever want to actually read. You want to filter down to keywords that are searched alot but have LOW competition.
5)Pick out three or four keywords/keyword combos/etc.
6)Write content which is specific for those keywords. Include the keywords in your all the ways mentioned by hericles. Do not exceed 4% keyword density.
7)Wait a few days to rank
8)Tweak your content and watch your content go viral; thus increasing your inbound links and increasing your SERPs
9)Win at the internets

Oh, I wish it were as easy as thinking about keywords and suddenly they are put in my site and I rank for them!! dreaming

this is a very vague question
putting meta keywords is useless
to get keywords ranking you need to have dedicated pages for each keyword and put content on each page that is rich in the keyword you want considering factors such as
1. having a single h1 with the keyword
2. image (text and alt)
3. a lot of relevant content for that keyword

i.e if you want to rank for the keyword toys for sale here is what you do
1. create a page like toys-for-sale.html
2. place a title on the page with the words "Toys for sale"
3. place a meta description with the words "Toys for sale ....... e.t.c"
4. place a single h1 with the words "Toys for sale"
5. Place images with the alt & title properties as "Toys for sale"
6. Include a lot of toys for sale with pics and content descriptions with the keyword toys for sale
7. add the page to your website
8. have lots of backlinks to the page prefereabbly from relavant websites

If your alreay planned keyword not working . Then you have need to choose any other keyword which is more relevent try to pur more local keyword which has good search volume .

If you want your website be searchable with selected keywords, Include keywords in Title Tage (Title should begin with your keywords), 1 h1 tag. Write keywords rich contents. Include 1-2 images and write keywords in alt attributes. This is OnPage Optimization.

After OnPage Optimization your website will not be searchable. There are some more steps you've to do.

  1. Generate sitemap and submit to search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.
  2. Ping your website to be indexed quickly.
  3. Give some backlinks from the relevent websites/blogs
  4. Create links to the new page on social bookmarking websites.
  5. Spread new page url to social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

You must have to perform the last 5 steps to make sure that your website will get rank against the new keywords. This may take several days/weeks to your website appear in search results.

I hope this will help you.

Just have look on your selected keywords wheather it has high volume search and then go ahead , starting with the meta and header and more as said before users , have a blog post daily some relevant articles at your subdomain example blog.domain.com and put some backlinks in your category directories ...

Check for new keywords in adwords keyword planner or gather some keywords and check out its relevant searches and suggestion in the google search results.

Add your keywords to Meta tags (title, description, keyword) . go to your backend access and just adding in meta tags .

Okay @PixelatedKarma So, I must be putting those keywords over the content rather than showcasing in a plate so anyone can came by and grab a bit out of it ! Got it thanks... :)

Exactly Kelly. The keyword meta tag barely holds weight anymore. Such little weight that I'd be surprised if sites who arent putting keywords in at all are even being penalized. Now this might change if you are using something like Dublin Core for your meta tags which might still carry a bit more weight then your average keyword meta tag. So if you create a page called web-design.html. Use a signular keyword like Website Design, but don't go overboard putting 25+ keyword variants of Website Design in the keyword meta tag - focus those keywords in other higher impact areas. However you should still have that single broad keyword because if a new engine or new algorithim comes into play then you won't lose any points for not having anything there.

Keywords should really be focused in site title, description, heading tags, content, em/b/i/strong text, links, and the content that that page is linked to.

Well, this is something which I have learned over this forum. I must say there is a real need for members like you over the forum.

Thanks guys, we appreciate the words of encouragement and will pass it on to the other two users of this account. =)

@PixelatedKarma other two users of this account is this same account is used by two or more users? I wonder why using single account I would say they can make different accounts because they are different person I guess.

Mainly because its generally easier to respond and keep track of what we are answering.

Well, that's good because some people over here just doesn't wonder in cheking back !

Google Adwords keyword planner is one of the tool is used to search the keywords easily.

Be sure to use Google Trends with the Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. The keywords from Google Trends are more location specific and you might miss out on some keywords if you use the Keyword Planner Tool only.

For more keyword suggestions there are other tools like: