what is the blue hat seo that heard recently and new to me is this effective method or not actually i have not much experience just the starter in the seo

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Blue Hat SEO is the name of a SEO outfit, it is not a methodology, concept, technique or technology.

There are only two types of SEO, right and wrong. Forget the whole colour-code thing - it's just a distraction. Focus on getting your SEO right, that's all.

Hi! I agree with happygeek. If you don't want to get penaltize by Google then follow Google's rule that's very effective in SEO.

I think that many rumour are spread about color code. Just focus on quality of submission and follow SE rules. It is better for you.

Maybe blue hat SEO is when you use 5+ year old SEO tactics and make little or no effect on search engine ranks hahaha. Read Google Best Practices, learn each aspect of SEO indepth and as Happy Geek has said you will be doing SEO the right way.

Same as everybody above
promised results, always less than truthful,
delisted from search engines is a result

google webmaster tools give current correct personalised answers on making your site compliant, google make SEO rules
w3c have code testers to ensure your site is code compliant, w3c make coding rules
bad code, really bad code, does not display in all OS/Browser combinations, and if the bots can't parse it, ranks badly in SER

+content, original correct semantic attributed

nothing else works

links to code testers google tools, handheld testers in the readme before you ask for review code compliant sites rank higher in SER thread

thanks you all for the guidence that you provides me here

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