What do you guys say about the future o SEO?

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Future of SEO, What you want to hear about the future ? I would say its as bright as it was no need worry about it much.

there is no harm to the seo future as the person every one need to grow in there niche business for that they need to promote the their business on the google so you no need to worry about the future of it

SEO is the industry who will never down and you can make your future bright in this field. I will suggest you that you should go in PPC for more growth.

SEO is the best way to generate traffic and leads which really boost business performance. Search market is now a days highly promoted and every one want increase his or her revenue so according to me SEO is an ever green field and it will going on and on and onnnn....

Seo would be having a good future as it is very essential for any business or industry to enhance online reputation

to predict the future of SEO is the same as the prediction of any other future, we are all driving flying cars between our house on the moon...
All anyone can do is keep up with current SEO rules,
your google webmaster tools account will allow you to keep up with algorithm changes, and rank well.
CONTENT will keep your site relevant, and selling well

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