can we have a discussion on the effectivness of url redirection of exact name domains that i have purchased
will this improve rankings, will i get a seo penalty.
i am competing in a very competetive market so i have done all on quality content, regular posting, external links and the like
i also wanted to ask, say i have a page for dolls with url dolls.html but i want to rank for dolls in uk, dolls in australia will creating additional pages and placing a canonical code pointing to dolls.html from pages like dolls-australia.html and dolls-uk.html help my ranking

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Are you talking about exact name domains or URLs?

For example, are you wanting to redirect www.my-keyword.com and www.another-keyword.com all to www.my-site.com?

Or are you wanting to do, as you specify here, creating URLs like dolls-australia.html and dolls-uk.html?

I guess I'm just a big fan of putting end-users first, and search engines will then magically fally into place. I can see doing the latter option as just not beneficial to anyone. You're purposefully creating a lot of URLs just to do redirects. When you do a 301 Permanent Redirect, you are telling Google to take the old URL out of its index and instead pass link juice to the new URL. With the old URL gone, its URL is pretty meaningless now.

At least that's how I see it.


is creating a seperate keyword rich domain & bringing up its Page Rank then redirecting it to the main site a faster way of achieving ranking

what u explained here is what i want to do (For example, are you wanting to redirect www.my-keyword.com and www.another-keyword.com all to www.my-site.com?)


Yes, I wouldn't recommend either strategy. It's going to be seen as black hat in the long run.

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