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I completely agree with Google on this one, as I'm sure (or at least I hope) most of you guys are too. As EVERYONE who plays the seo game knows, sometimes there are good months, sometimes there are bad months. If I get deindexed by Google, I lost a good chunk of my traffic. If I gain pages indexed in Google, traffic increases. That's the SEO business, folks!

I think that a judge NOT throwing this case out of court is precedent for every single person with an Internet-based business to sue Google for "potential profits earned" when their ranking goes a bit low.

For example, suppose I run an ecommerce site which receives 5,000 visitors from Google daily. I have a 1% conversion rate, so Google sends me about 50 new clients a day. This has been going on for a couple of months. But then I get lazy and stop having the time to do link swaps as often, and my search engine ranking decreases and Google only sends me 3,000 visitors per day. Now I'm getting 20 fewer clients per day and I haven't even changed anything on my website! Time to sue Google for the potential profit I should have earned from those 20 clients it's Google's fault I'm not getting anymore.

Think about it this way. Without Google, where would you be? At zero clients. The search engines aren't the only way to bring traffic to your site. Absolutely nothing is stopping you from advertising your site in newspapers or flyers or word of mouth, or all the other ways you would have to do it if Google didn't exist. The problem is that we've come to take search engines for granted, and so when they stop giving us as much as we want from them, we get mad at them.

So what's the point of this rant? The next time that you're having a bad Google month, and traffic is on the decline, and your business isn't doing so good ... smile and think about all the traffic that Google does give you, and don't take it for granted.


Hey - dont shoot the messenger. I just delivered the news... good, bad or in different. :eek:


It was just a hypothetical example. DaniWeb actually gets roughly 300 new members per day.

Yes and I'm one of thoes approx 300 new signups daily through Googling.



Google will try to convince a judge on Friday to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges the heart of the company’s business: its methods for indexing and ranking Web pages.

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What is this new news about google?
Websense Security Labs has received reports of an advanced phishing attack on Google Pages that is a sophisticated variant of Google phishing that was witnessed last November.

The latest alert says users are shown a spoofed copy of the Gmail login page, with a message claiming, "You WON $500.00!" The message further states that the prize money will be delivered to an e-Gold, PayPal, StormPay, or MoneyBookers account of the user's choice. If users select an account, they are informed that the prize money is only available to "premium members" of "Gmail Games".

The user is informed that the "Gmail Games" membership requires an $8.60 registration fee, and he/she is asked to pay the registration fee, or forfeit the $500 prize money. Users are then directed to an actual payment site, to pay-up the registration fee. It is learnt that this phishing site is hosted in the US, and that it was already up at the time of the alert.

Commenting on this phenomenon, Surendra Singh, head - South East Asia and India, Websense, said, "Phishing attacks have become more sophisticated and elaborate, as perpetrators are developing innovative ways of overcoming users' awareness of the phenomenon, as has been demonstrated by this incident. During the last month, we witnessed two malicious incidents that combined the use of telecommunications, and the Web. The only way for business to protect their employees against these ever-evolving threats is to have a Web security solution that updates against these attacks in real time."

According to reports, last month, Websense had discovered that the Google Web site hosting service, "Google Pages," was hosting malicious code.

Anyone have any idea :mrgreen: :eek:

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