Is anyone can help the increasing the PR of my website?...I have a friend who has a small furniture business...
which is the smart idea to choose?...PPc or SEO strategy???>

best way to build PR as in page rank (Larry Page rank) is more content and quality inbound links

but you should work on traffic and ppc is best investment - use local terms ie. add the area names the business is in to the furniture terms and in setting of adwords use zip codes of surrounding areas you are targeting

Thank you so much sir AussieWebmaster.. Im gonna study on it..

It can never happen all of a sudden. Try to build quality inbound links to your site as well as optimize your on-page for better PR.

Don't fret about PR; I highly doubt you'll see an increase in it anytime soon unless Google suddenly wants the public seeing this information again public PageRank is pretty much dead. Google constantly updates PR internally, it just isnt something that is viewable by anyone except google themselves. The last PR update was last December (2013).

So what you should actually focus on is mozRank; generally speaking - mR is a more accurate version of PR and if they ever do another public PR update again; the PR should be fairly relative to your mR at the time. So a website with a 4.95 mozRank should be a 5 PR if that makes sense.

Actually they hired SEO 2 SEO staff one is for onsite activities and the other one is for off site. But as what i had takes 4 to 5 years to reach a good PR and the company has a lot of clients/customers but the main point now im confused...

Well SEO is the only way you used to be able to increase PR as Pay Per Click (PPC) as a tool for your website will only bring you in traffic, think of it like you are renting the traffic (which can be effective if well implemented) it won't actually maintain traffic like SEO will.

SEO also takes awhile but PPC will be nearly instant traffic if done right.

As for Page Rank you really should do a Google search on it, especially a search for the last Google page rank update. Many sites will confirm that there have not been any publicly available PR updates since last December. So any company promising you page rank might be able to deliver on increasing google's internal page rank but you won't be able to tell because when you look at your sites PR on any tool it will still show 0 or the page rank you were given December 2013 ( if your website was around). If you are hiring an outside company remember you get what you pay for and its best to learn the basics or hiring a consultant who has an idea of what you are looking to have done to ensure you don't get scammed and sold on false promises.

I think both pay per click advertising along with search engine optimization can be very helpful regarding traffic. If you need traffic immediately, It's best to use PPC. If you need a long term strategy, you should use SEO. If you have the budget to afford both of them, should use them.

There are no easy ways to increase the PR of a website as google updates the pagerank of a website very rarely.Only high quality link building with time will be needed.

Long time quality of the site can only increase the PR Of the site. I can never of sudden change. Try to generate quality links from high PR sites. Also, create quality unique content in the site that is beneficial to the readers.

SEO is better for you because it provide long lasting and organic traffic without any kind of paid.

Well, easily I don't think that there is anyway to do that easily. I would just say be continous with all the white hat legimate work you are doing and take all your focus out of the PR, and by the time next PR update occurs (which no one exactly knows) you will see your PR has increased.

Before we start to talk about how to increase web page rank, we have to ask ourselves why do we need a higher PR? PageRank is just one of the thousands of aspects used by Google to position pages in their search results. PR is not the most important aspect though.

When you have a high web page rank some things can become easier with regards to positions, but this is only going to work if you know what you are doing with regards to market and keyword and key phrase research, on-page marketing and link-building techniques.

thank you so much everyone for helping me...the ideas really help to my friends furniture business

You will need to do effort to increase your webpage's PR because now a days GOOGLE more active and google bot is focusing upon the efforts of the website so try to do white hat SEO as much as possible and do focus on the content of your web page your content should be quality and fresh.

You cant get high PR all of a sudden, You should have more quality and unique contents (more text to html ratio), high PR quality backlinks regularly without spamming.

Focus on social media promotions to bring unique traffic visitors.

Initially promote locally and then globally.

SEO is easy. This is the good news. The bad news is it takes countless hours and is an ongoing process

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