are there any advantages of using a custom index for a website
let me explain
the default for webservers is to make index.html, index.htm or index.php as the website home page
so am wondering if there are any benefits of using my keyword as the default index file
i.e i redirect my home page to keyword.html & also change the .htaaceess file to recognise keyword.html as my home page
are there any seo benefits from this

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filename is far less relevant than content
the SEbot does not notice the index page name

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Well, according to answer from Google Support
By having a CSE you can get more of your pages indexed.

"Custom Search is built on top of the Google index. This means that all pages that are available on Google.com are also available to your search engine. In addition to using the Google index, a CSE maintains its own index, striving to make sure that at least 10,000 pages from each site are available to return as results for your CSE."

See if this helps you !

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