I have a question for those of you that use services like odesk for content writers... First have you found that the quality is slipping? I have used a few writers but it seems like in order to get any general good content for websites you almost always have to pay a premium. Same goes for freelancer, any decent content is coming from 4 star sources.

I have been toying with the idea of using services like power papers that actually specialize in writing college level essays. At this point I would rather pay the money upfront and receive quality that can be used for article marketing/submissions rather than waste my time with editing something that I already paid for.

Has anyone tried this yet?

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Nope we haven't ever used these sites to get content, rather than we have a in house team working for the same !

I like your writing. I think anyone who don't have have enought knowledge for writing then he/she shouldn't spend his/her valuable time. Rather he/she should take someone whom he/she think best for his job.

We have subject matter experts who will provide the content,never used odesk or freelancer.

Today, content quality does not allow to compromise at any stage. Content is the first step in seo success. Outsourcing content from the experienced freelnace content writers is a popular practice because these professionals deliver better at quality and cost both.

Our content is written in house,
specific to a course; or many
specific to a mine; or many
specific to a region; or many
multiple overlaps of region, mine, and course
oversight authorities of each region, mine, and college, with multiple overlap of jurisdiction
multiples of OHS RTA EPA DoE for a single document
There is no room for error, wordsRus, is not practical
There are few applications where copywriting is less applicable, the client/member/student/jurist/legislator using a website has access to all the tech tools to verify accuracy.
The content has to be perfect, it has to be yours
It has proven, tertiary education, extractive industry, and legislation, to be more effective, and more cost effective, to have the authors of the web content be the lecturers

odesk or freelancer doesn't matter. If someone has quality he/she can write according to the subject I think.

Content creation partcular project related things like content words and keywords relared using. After words very important and create quatily.


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