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Im working as an SEO for a web designing site. Previously when i was working for my website at that time the backlink count was around 300 in webmaster..Now for a few days, my backlink count was decreasing day by day and now my backlink count is 2 only. Please help me out to solve this problem

First of all, don't panic. Webmaster Tools data is occasionally wrong. In 3-4 days you could find everything back to normal, so you shouldn't take any drastic steps to try correcting things until you're sure you know what the problem really is.

That said, you should check for canonicalization issues with your site. If Google thinks your site has moved, they will transfer the links to the new domain. If you haven't done so already, you should set a Preferred Domain for your site in Webmaster Tools. Select "Site Settings" from the "Help" menu in the upper right-hand corner of the window. If you're using the rel="canonical" tag or if you've installed a redirect on your site for this, make sure your Preferred Domain matches that setting.

You should also check your site for signs of hacking. Check the Last Modified dates on your site's files to see if they match when you last changed them. Look at the source code to see if someone inserted some code that does a redirect that you don't recognize or modifies your rel="canonical" tag. Test your site with Google's Safe Browsing to see it's been flagged for malware.

Enter "site:yoursite.com" into Google to see how your site is indexed. Look for URLs that don't have the proper version of your domain name or are obviously due to hacking. If you recently switched from 'http' to 'https', you should use an online Server Response Checker to make sure that a proper redirect is in place.

Check these out and post your findings. If I don't spot your response, someone else surely will and you'll get more help.

check externel back link checker tools for the complete back link details for your site.

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seo moz

each will differ from their count. but you may find the difference between 300 to 2.

if any other tools shown 300 then my be some bug on WMT otherwise i can't tell anything related to WMT.

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