1. You only pay when an interested person clicks.

  2. You set your budget to control costs.

  3. You can reach your target consumer at the right time with the right ad.

  4. Unlike organic search, PPC can show results very quickly.

  5. PPC data can inform your other marketing channels.

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Most of the company consider PPC as not very pocket friendly. Instead they opt for SEO.

But I strongly beleive company should invest in PPC to get instant visibility and enquiries.


I agree that PPC is a great way to advertise yourself, however I cannot answer to this question clearly simply because I do not agree that each company should use it. For exmaple, some relaly small companies might be not able to use it as the price of one conversion might be really high one. Of course it depends on varius factors such as target audience and etc.

However, I would say that each company should try out and test how they are doing on PPC. This will show if other investment might be valuable.

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