I am wondering about cross links in SEO strategy and how much helpful to get ranked?

Cross linking is effective when you have multiple domains on your own .Cross linking is the most common practiced strategies for footer/sidebar links and in-content deep linking . It usually works when you have link to your page from other domain and the key here is to cross link your site with relevant keyword and content. This will get you a higher rank for the keywords in question, and will benefit all your domains.

yes cross linking effective for seo but that ism old method for seo.

  1. go to google, read "Google 101: How google crawls the web"
  2. get Google webmaster tools account
  3. follow Google instructions
  4. ignore all other instructions
    google make the rules, google offer you correct personalised instructions for your web site
    why listen to us, when you can listen to them

google will paraphrase evelyn above "relavant keyword and content"

The major search engine focus on creating the best possible user experience. So, the sites which offer relevant information will gain more visibility. Investing in creating original content is the must need of current SEO. So focus on quality content.

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