Is it still worthy the socila bookmarking, directory submission, blog commenting?
I heard that Google Penguin update will make a bad effect on the site doing this?
SO How can I make links to the page for seo? How to imrpove backlinks for seo, hence rank better.

I think these activities are still matter to building backlinks, but built links with high PR websites.
you can do article submision, blod posting, forum discussion, press release and PPT, PDF submisson to improve rank on SERP.

@Markantony1 yeah High PR pages will give better result and boost the ranking.

Do you tell me if mutlitple links from same domain is good or not?

Don't waste your time and worry with link building strategies, other than your own stuff interlinking with each other; your internal linking system I suppose. My suggestion is Instead of searching for effective ways to artificially boost your "link popularity" with a trendy trick, try creating stuff worth linking to and that the search engine will deem credible, unique and well crafted. The search engine nor the Internet visitor wants to get to p-ages that are useless other than the fact they rank well. Everybody wants something fresh and significant. Linking strategists are a sad bunch of SEOers, making meaningless crap- seem important.

directory submission, social bookmarking and blog commenting these are the best ways to build the links to your website. We can get quality backlinks via this off page techniques.

Everybody share create link that worth linking but in begining it is difficult to have and also if you want link to some product based page they will not get the link easily



I'll answer with the example. I saw the sites which had about 25-30 Trust Rank according to Majestic SEO tool. I was excited of the backlink profile as there were more than 500 authority sites (!)
But according to SEOquake tool, there was not any traffic at all... I couldn`t realize what is the problem and probably thought that there was a problem with SEOquake. Next I noticed that all links of this site was in comments with the great number of spam links. So.. The plug-in worked correctly and as it appears this site was just under the Google sanctions...) So the conclusions make by yourselves..) Obviously)

@ Zueas It means you says that blog commenting is not good for seo?

Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission and Blog Commenting are still an effective techniques for obtaining backlinks. However, try to utilize high quality, PA, DA and page ranked websites for building backlinks to avoid unnecessary spam issues.

I think it would be better to continue with social bookmarking ,blog commenting and directory submissions as it plays significant role for getting targeted traffic and also improves rankings.


All are saying to do this but on high PR with more authrity and yeah I am doing this. I also try to not overwhlem with so much of the links.


Yeah I got this but we need to be careful and also we must not have many links from same website also.

thanks for sharing will chk it

Social bookmarking is good IF

  1. the page/URL you are sharing has nice and rich content
  2. you are not making more than 5 bookmarks a day spread over 12 hrs, it should look natural
  3. if domain is aged, that's a + point
  4. Just don't drop your link on a social site, go there, take feel of the site, socialize with people.

Apply above for blog commenting too. Focus hard on niche.


Posting Bookmark and directory submission counts to promote your site. But the submission sites must have a good PR and high quality . With Blog posting they will be productive only when you have a commentry session and regular update of it.


If you want to build backlinks, blog commenting, social bookmarking and guest posting are some effective ways.

Directory submission is quite out dated thing now. Blog commenting is goof for now

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