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I am doing SEO for a website which have offices in two locations in USA and also in UK. I would like to use microdata for the organisation using free tool(tools dot seochat dot com/tools/brand-organization-schema-generator/) for rich snippet generators. I have already placed meta tags on the home page. My doubt is whether should i use rich snippet tags for both locations of usa and also uk. where should i place the tags on the home page. can i place them after on page meta-tags? how are are microdata format tags helpful in seo?


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I just had a quick look at this and a real good reference to understanding what the heck this post is all about can be found here How To Mark Up Your Content Using Microdata https://schema.org/docs/gs.html#microdata_how

I could offer an uneducated answer to the question, from what I briefly read, my sense is that microdata can be extremely helpful from an SEO perspective but it doesn't seem able to be applied to <HEAD> tags (which makes logical sense as it would be mostly redundant information), it can only be used within the <BODY> of the web page.

Thanks for the reply.
Do i need to add the markup using Microdata only in home or in another pages also?. For instance, my website have offices in two different locations, which are displayed on the Contact us page. Where i need to add the tags in home page or contact us page?
Moreover, since i have two different locations, is it allowed to put two postal addresses markup tags

Oh wow man those sound like pretty tough questions to answer I would think. This HTML 5.0 microdata stuff looks somewhat suspiciously similar to HTML/CSS of the old days. Maybe it's the same sort of thing. Heck I'll give'er a stab at your questions sam, in spite of not even knowing what I'm talking about now nor in my first reply. My answer wil be at this point ... at this stage, here it is ... yes. yes. You could and you should add this markup on any page where you mention these type of specific names and addresses etc.; the microdatable data, I suppose. And ya' the concept of having two postal addresses microdataed on the same spread, why the heck not. Even put a dozen microdata phone numbers on the same page to boot. I don't think the search engine branding gods much care either way. May confuse the crap out of them trying to pinpoint you but the machine'll roll nevertheless I would think.

I think use for another page.

Yes, you can create two Local business schema with the help of "www.microdatagenerator.com/local-business-schema" this tool and place it where address is present on website and do some formatting according to address format. It will work

You can make use of Google's Schema Markup inorder to include microdata in your website.

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